Our big news is that we're moving, You can see the full version of this year's Christmas card here: front, back. But if you'd rather just skip ahead to pictures of the new house, here is where you'll want to go. Better yet, come see it in person. Between our closing and moving in, we're having a party to show off our new digs. Mark your calendar: January 30, 2005, 1–4 pm, at 314 E El Caminito Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85020.

El Caminito means 'little road' in Spanish, but it's not a little house, and it will have a big, big office to house all of our real estate detritus. Plus cats, dogs, and a little boy who gets bigger with every passing second.

But: This is our last Christmas as The Wild Cochise Gang. We've been on Cochise Drive since 1998, and it's sad to retire that appellation. But the Gang is by now much dispersed, so we'll have to seek our new news in our big house on a little road.

Here's wishing you a safe, happy and prosperous New Year!

Greg started working on his Certified Residential Specialist designation and took all the classroom hours for (but not the test for) his Real Estate Brokers license. These will add to the designations he earned last year, Graduate of the Realtor Institute and Certified Buyer's Representative. All of this is preparation for remaking the Bloodhound Home Marketing Group as The Bloodhound Realty Group, our very own Real Estate brokerage.

Cathy worked at work, worked at home and worked for Bloodhound Home Marketing Group. It left her with no time to jump, particularly with Cameron's busy life getting ever busier. Between work, family and pet rescues, she had only had spare time for one idle thought: Passive income...

Cameron matured toward manhood, avoiding the more awkward afflictions of youth. His violin skills are improving nicely, and he is making plans to attend Brophy Prep. He is taking pictures for Bloodhound Home Marketing Group and learning to build web pages.

Odysseus escaped death at the pound and he not only instantly earned our love as a wonderful pet, he came to symbolize everything we admire and aspire to in business. He is the elegant spokesmodel of Bloodhound Home Marketing Group.

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