Just the 17 of us: behind the sofa, left to right: our daughter Meredith, age 12, with Ebony (Oriental Shorthair), our son Cameron, age 9, with Chess (American Shorthair), our great friend Jasmine, age 9, with Onyx (American Shorthair), and our niece Madalaine, age 11, with Obsidian (American Longhair); on the sofa, left to right: Shyly (Labrador/Chow), Greg, Shale (American Shorthair/Russian Blue), Cathy, and Peritas (Labrador/Doberman); in front of the sofa, left to right: Char Leigh (Akita/Chow) and Desdemona (English Coon Hound); in the cage: Fortinbras, Prince of Norway (Cockatiel); in the plastic sphere: Gwendolyn (Gerbil). OUR WEB TRACKS
Cameron's first day of third grade
Cameron's birthday weekend
The Church Ladies
Halloween: Cam as Harry Potter
The family and some of the pets
Our holiday trip to Connecticut
A family trip we took to San Diego
The three kittens who adopted us
Cute puppies we fostered
Meri, Maddie and mud
Maddie and Cam at Halloween
Cameron’s eighth birthday party
Cam’s first day of second grade
FlatCameron, man of mischief
Jasmine’s eighth birthday
Birthday party for Maddie’s mom

Cathy’s career
Catholic Healthcare West

Greg’s pages
Greg’s home page
Greg’s business page
Greg’s Latin page
Guerrilla Schooling
How do you get 17 organisms in a photo? Take 40 shots. Here are 16 of them. Patience, tolerance and photography by Terry Collins.
Cathy, fearless mammal juggler
Carnival of carnivores: Meri wants to eat Ebony, most lovingly. Cathy and Char Leigh want to eat each other. Shyly wants to eat Shale who wants to eat Gwen the Gerbil. Peritas wants to eat Desdemona who wants to eat Onyx who wants to eat Desdemona right back. Chess wants to eat Fortinbras. Cameron and Obsidian want to eat Maddie. Maddie wants to eat the camera...

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