A certain convocation of politic Swanns...

Greg, Cathy and Cameron went to Connecticut to transit the millennium. These are some of the photos from our holiday.

The Swann Boys at the beach in Fairfield, CT, on Saturday, Jan. 1, 2000. From left to right are: my brother Michael David Swann, age 11; my father James Roderick Swann, age <mumble-mumble>; me, Gregory Stephen Swann, age 40; in front of me, my son Cameron Alexander Swann, age 8; and my brother Matthew James Swann, age 15.

(Bragging on my brothers: Mike and Matt are gentle, civilized, wise, cultured, schooled, hardworking and strong, these virtues listed in their importance to me. Here are telltales that tell the tale on each of them: In addition to his many other fine qualities, Matthew is hugely strong; he’s about 4 or 5% body fat and the rest of him is pure muscle; very impressive. And: On the night before we left, I snuck into Mike’s bedroom to tell the boys to be quiet; the chatter I had overheard was Michael doing the Lord’s Prayer entirely in Spanish.)

Meri, Maddie and Cameron on Christmas Day at Cathy’s mother’s house. There is no prize for guessing what they are doing.

While we were on the east coast, we took the train down to Manhattan to take on the city. It won. This is Cameron bearding one of the lions in front of the New York Public Library.

Also at the library, Cameron being Cameron.

Cathy in the city.

We went all the way to the Battery to see the harbor and the Statue of Liberty. In Liberty Park, in Wall Street, Cameron supervised the work of a bronze stockbroker.

Mike, Cameron and Greg getting shod. The small yachts in front of Greg are Matthew’s.

Deborah and my father on the beach.

Michael and Cameron way out on a sandbar. A certain convocation of politics swans joined us at the beach.

Cambo doing the Cambo Dance on a piece of driftwood as the tide comes in.