ViolinBoy to the rescue: This year we weren't able to get everyone together all at once, so our son Cameron, age 10, is standing in for the rest of us. Missing are: Greg and Cathy, our daughter Meredith, age 13, our niece Madalaine, age 12, and our great friend Jasmine, age 10. Absent animals: Char Leigh, Shyly, Desdemona, and Peritas (dogs), and Shale, Obsidian, Chess, Onyx, Ebony, Turitella, and Coal (cats). Deceased this year, Fortinbras, Prince of Norway (cockatiel) and Gwendolyn (gerbil). OUR WEB TRACKS
Last year's Christmas card
Cameron's first campout
Christmas at Epiphany
Cathy's Dad's web site
Cameron's first day of third grade
Cameron's birthday weekend
The Church Ladies
Halloween: Cam as Harry Potter
The family and some of the pets
Our holiday trip to Connecticut
A family trip we took to San Diego
The three kittens who adopted us
Cute puppies we fostered
Meri, Maddie and mud
Maddie and Cam at Halloween
Cameron’s eighth birthday party
Cam’s first day of second grade
FlatCameron, man of mischief
Jasmine’s eighth birthday
Birthday party for Maddie’s mom

Cathy’s career
Catholic Healthcare West

Greg’s pages
Greg’s home page
Greg’s business page
The math of Real Estate sales...
Greg’s Latin page
Guerrilla Schooling
The man in performance...

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