Our year began with tragedy and ends in triumph. Two of our dogs – Char Leigh and Peritas – got away from us in January, and so far they haven’t turned up. We went to the pound every day for months. That’s where we met Odysseus, ninety-five pounds of pure-bred Bloodhound and the sweetest dog we’ve ever known. Our niece Maddie’s dog, Scuffy, came to live with us, too, but it’s the Blood who steals every show. He’s a big, beautiful boy, stately and dignified and noble. We admire him so much that we’ve built our real estate practice around him. That business is launching now, as our year comes to an end, and we prosper well enough: Greg, Cathleen and Cameron. Meredith, Maddie and Jasmine when they can join us. Seven lazy cats. Three frisky dogs. And one tax-deductible Bloodhound.

Greg acquired a couple of real-estate designations this year: Graduate of the Realtor Institute and Certified Buyer's Representative. This was part of the preparation for launching Bloodhound Home Marketing Group, the family's new business model. The rest of the year he spent thinking about Odysseus.

Cathy worked on the start-up of Bloodhound Home Marketing Group, but she also worked on the Bloodhound: Odysseus is a high-maintenance spokesmodel. Between work, family and pet rescues, she had only had spare time for one idle thought: Passive income...

Cameron matured toward manhood, avoiding the more awkward afflictions of youth. His violin skills are improving nicely, and he is making plans to attend Brophy Prep. He is taking pictures for Bloodhound Home Marketing Group and learning to build web pages.

Odysseus escaped death at the pound and he not only instantly earned our love as a wonderful pet, he came to symbolize everything we admire and aspire to in business. He is the elegant spokesmodel of Bloodhound Home Marketing Group.

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