Ferae Bestiae (wild animals), 11/14/99 (counter-clockwise from the top): Greg Swann, Cathleen Collins, Greg’s son Cameron (who is camera-hostile), Charlie (Akita/Chow), Greg’s daughter Meredith, Cathy’s niece Madalaine, Shyly (Labrador/Chow), and our dear friend Jasmine (also camera-hostile). Absent are: four cats, Shale, Onyx, Chess and Obsidian; Gwendolyn the Gerbil; and Fortinbras, Prince of Norway, our Cockatiel. OUR WEB TRACKS
The family and some of the pets
Our holiday trip to Connecticut
A family trip we took to San Diego
The three kittens who adopted us
Cute puppies we fostered
Meri, Maddie and mud
Maddie and Cam at Halloween
Cameron’s eighth birthday party
Cam’s first day of second grade
FlatCameron, man of mischief
Jasmine’s eighth birthday
Birthday party for Maddie’s mom

Everyone’s schools
Cameron: Abraham Lincoln
Meri: Evergreen Academy
Maddie: Desert Harbor
Jasmine: Alma School
Cathy & Greg: Phoenix College

Cathy’s career
Catholic Healthcare West

Greg’s pages
Greg’s home page
Greg’s business page
Greg’s Latin page
Guerrilla Schooling

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