Christmas on the lam! The infamous Wild Cochise Gang is still at large this holiday season. Shown here are ring-leaders Cameron ('Doc Holliday') Swann, Madalaine ('Annie Oakley') Geraci, Meredith ('Diamond Lil') Swann, and Desdemona ('The Howler') Swann. Absent from this tin-type are Jasmine ('The Tempe Kid') Thompson, Cathleen ('Little Nose Kate') Collins, and Greg ('Big Nose Greg') Swann, along with a vast cadre of low-life vermin: Char Leigh Collins, Shyly Swann, Peritas Swann, Shale Collins, Obsidian Geraci, Chess Swann, Onyx Thompson, Ebony Swann, Turitella Collins, and Coal Collins. The population of Boot Hill was increased by no members of the Wild Cochise Gang this year.

(Click on the tin-type to see a much larger version.)

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