Mike & Cameron's Extreme Winter Sports

My father has been sending me pictures of my brother
Michael snowboarding in the Connecticut snow.

Mike Riding home from school. A 3.94 average with no books!

Stunting in the back yard.

Grabbing air.

Extreme elevation from the ramp.


Cameron was not to be outdone, so he resolved to do a Polar Bear swim,
thus to prove that you don't have to have actual winter to have Extreme Winter Sports.

Our pool is shut down for the winter, which means the water is dirty and cold.
Yet Cameron was undeterred. And contrary to appearances, his is not praying.

I wanted a picture of the boy in the water, but this proved to be
a fraction of time too slight for the camera to record.

The determined visage of an intrepid Extreme Winter Sports champion.

The real truth: The irrepressible beauty-of-spirit of the Swann Boys.